“We all start somewhere” – this is how our Story started in 2012, when we learnt about Trading. Over the years, we realized our “defining” moments while placing our trades. We keep our eyes on Long term and not the short-term wins. After all, Trading is a marathon, and not a sprint.
Niftyclosing.com aspires to be the Number 1 portal for traders in India. Through Niftyclosing.com we want to meet and find folks from our tribe ! The Search for the India’s top Trading Talent will end here.
Statistics say that only 1% traders are successful, we aspire to get into that elite 1% club – One day !
Niftyclosing.com is the Website of the Traders, for the Traders, and by the Traders. 
you can contact us here or email  contactniftyclosing@gmail.com