Your Vibe attracts your Tribe !

Discussion forum - Interact with fellow traders across India about SGX Nifty/Nifty closing levels. Share your levels/ Charts/analysis and also learn from "members of your tribe".

Forum Decorum :

  • When you are Happy, depressed, confused or need motivation – post your query here and reach out to fellow Traders.
  • Engage in real-time conversations about stocks and indices.
  • Come out of the shadows and tell the world  your views/Insights and Opinions. Also respect contrarian opinion from fellow traders – instead of arguments, prefer Discussions. Om Shanti!
  • If you run a Premium Advisory Channel, don’t use this platform to find your “Goats”.  We detest all “sure shot, target hit” marketing antics targeting naive traders here. 
  • Niftyclosing team is not responsible for any messages that are posted here. Members are requested not to get enticed and fall into ” get rich quick Trading scams” – please do your own diligence before entering any trade blindly. The more you Learn, the more you Earn.
  • Using abusive/racial comments/ personal attack using fake accounts – may give you 1-2 minute adrenaline rush but at the end of day it will be a futile act!
  • Members are requested to flag any violations and report to us at earliest.
WE ARE TRADERS – Everyone is Unique here. And for every Bull, there should be a Bear- that’s how money is made!

So, what’s on your Mind today?

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