nifty 50 Historical Data

Nifty 50 Historical Data ( Weekly)

There are two major stock market indices used in India; one of them is the NIFTY 50 and the other is the BSE SENSEX. It is the weighted average of fifty of the largest Indian companies listed on the National Stock Exchange.

It is owned and managed by NSE Indices (formerly known as India Index Services & Products Limited), a wholly owned subsidiary of NSE Strategic Investment Corporation Limited. It was launched on 22 April 1996 and is one of Nifty's numerous stock indices.

With an ecosystem consisting of exchange-traded funds (onshore and offshore), exchange-traded options at NSE and futures and options abroad at the SGX, the NIFTY 50 index is India's largest financial product. The NIFTY 50 is the most actively traded contract in the world.

Nifty 50 Index weightage
Nifty 50 Historical Data

Nifty Historical Data( Weekly )

Nifty Historical Data ( Weekly)
DatePriceOpenHighLowVolumeChange ( in %)
Jul 18, 202235,358.7034,841.8535,382.5034,804.40146.65M1.95%
Jul 15, 202234,682.6534,734.4534,899.9534,463.9099.15M0.09%
Jul 14, 202234,651.2034,817.9535,027.6034,558.45121.30M-0.51%
Jul 13, 202234,827.8035,259.8035,308.1534,757.60103.45M-0.87%
Jul 12, 202235,132.2535,298.7035,419.6535,047.50113.40M-0.95%
Jul 11, 202235,469.6535,017.6035,543.1035,006.55130.63M0.98%
Jul 08, 202235,124.0535,258.9035,262.1034,977.75108.96M0.58%
Jul 07, 202234,920.3034,627.4034,965.7534,553.10183.97M1.74%
Jul 06, 202234,324.2533,929.4034,388.5033,876.15122.74M1.50%
Jul 05, 202233,815.9034,084.7034,361.0533,757.00115.01M-0.37%
Jul 04, 202233,940.9033,558.8533,978.5033,515.60152.56M1.20%
Jul 01, 202233,539.4533,264.7533,666.5033,080.45149.94M0.34%
Jun 30, 202233,425.1033,180.7033,659.3033,179.60149.54M0.47%
Jun 29, 202233,269.9033,273.5533,422.8033,185.25140.80M-1.11%
Jun 28, 202233,642.4533,578.2033,745.3033,503.30124.95M-0.50%
Jun 27, 202233,811.2534,126.2034,147.5033,735.50111.40M0.55%
Jun 24, 202233,627.4533,434.8033,721.9033,390.85149.78M1.49%
Jun 23, 202233,135.0032,927.4033,431.7532,652.15193.13M0.88%
Jun 22, 202232,845.3033,051.6533,106.9532,758.15134.96M-1.04%
Jun 21, 202233,191.7532,978.0533,593.8032,797.55258.14M1.55%
Jun 20, 202232,684.8032,873.4032,926.1032,426.40144.37M-0.18%

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